Health Multiplex as a movement

Health Multiplex collaborative workspace environment gives people the flexibility to be where they need to be to do the best work they can.

Health Multiplex uses an architectural approach to bring people together right at their work place. We help you and your brand connect with corporate employees in a user-engaged environment. Our corporate initiative and collaboration strategy account for not only the events success, but also for what it means to your processes and culture to be delivered to the end user, which is the Corporates effectively.

The growing number of Diabetes patients is not just in India but worldwide is one of the biggest factors in coining HM.

In a nutshell, the HM movement aims to:
1. Reduce number of people at risk of diabetes. 2. Encourage middle adult and young professionals' motivation towords prevention of diabetes. 3. Make resources available at members' finger tips such as health information, health coaches, health challenges and many more.

HM's main tools are Health Tracker and Health Challenges. Made and verified by Health and Medical professionals, Health tracker is an intutive tool in monitoring daily health conditions or abrupt changes. It is accessible through the online website, iOS and android mobile platforms. In addition, Health Challenges are fun and healthy activities promoting self and group motivation towords achieving health goals.

In addition to productivity improvements, Health Multiplex can help your organization to,

- Flatten organizational hierarchy and better communicate with all levels of the organization in a team building environment.
- Elevate and improve the quality of health standards, which would result in greater productivity and lower organizational healthcare costs by attendance.
- Improve customer responsiveness by facilitating faster access to experts and information.
- Reduce medical cost
- Absenteeism
- Health-related productivity losses.

HM provides:
- HRA's
- Clinical Screening
- Lifestyle Management
- Disease Management

You as a catalyst of Health change
Are you at risk of Diabetes? Do you know someone at risk? By signing up and sharing information about HM, you are serving as a catalyst for change towords a world without Diabetes.

Signup now and understand how this tool can help you, your loved ones and your community.